Once your design has been created to your liking, you can choose between printing or printing the labels. In English, the same word is used for both: print. However, the techniques are quite different. Roughly speaking, a distinction can be made between printing and printing (or digital printing). Printers press the ink onto the paper with a press. This creates labels of very high quality, formats are cut afterwards (die-cutting) and will never stain/degrade. White paper printing uses inkjet technology, where very small droplets of ink are sprayed onto the paper. Toner technology uses powder that is electrostatically deposited on paper. Printed labels are pre-cut and it is possible that certain colours (in case of colour overlap, for example) may differ from the design.

1. Printing the labels:

Supsuppliers heeft een printer waarmee labels geprint kunnen worden. Supsuppliers werkt met een VP700 laserprinter welke etiketten print in full-colour. Labels worden geprint op polyet-wit folie waarbij gekozen kan worden tussen een mat- of glanslook. Het printen van labels is mogelijk vanaf lage MOQ, goedkoper dan gedrukte labels en daarvoor gelden geen lange levertijden. Wel zijn er maximale printformaten aangezien de printer tot een maximum formaat kan printen.

Cost prices printed labels:

Jars Tablets/capsules€0.99 per printed label
Pots 300/500 grams€1.29 per printed label
Jars 1000/2000 grams€1.69 per printed label

**All prices are exclusive of VAT.

Label printing

Supsuppliers cooperates with a printing company - called Eshuis - where customers can order labels through a specially set up landing page for Supsuppliers customers. Therefore, you do not have to pay any setup fees.

There, labels can be ordered from 50 pieces per format! Supsuppliers always recommends printing labels. When you order an extra quantity, the cost price goes down considerably and Supsuppliers can keep your labels in stock and deliver them faster for follow-up orders!