Private label

Customised product

Private labelling

You can customise your product until it suits your needs. You can differentiate in composition, ingredients, flavours, packaging, etc. A customised product is only possible from an MOQ of 250 kg per product per flavour. You have to take into account a large investment.

In 5 steps your own

Private label supplement(s).

1 - Create an account

Have insight into prices, opportunities and receive the monthly newsletter.

2 - Assortment

Put together your custom-made product(s).

3 - Development and design

Choose from various design options and label printing or printing.

4 - Food safety plan

A food safety plan outlining HACCP guidelines.

5 - Shipping and transport

Dispatch by PostNL, transport or collection in person.

Why Private Label?

You will find both options explained below with advantages and disadvantages between white label (standard products) and private label (custom-made products). On this basis, you can make the choice that suits your needs.

Of course, it is also possible to combine white and private labels! Feel free to ask about the possibilities.

DescriptionWhite LabelPrivate label
Unique product
MOQ per product/flavourLow take-up250kg
Investment amountLowHigh
Product rangeWideBy product
Delivery time (when labels are ready)5 working days4-6 weeks
Shelf lifemin 6 months12-18 months
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