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8,95 p/piece (excl. VAT)

Our drinking bottles are made of durable BPA-free titran, so you can be sure you have a high-quality product in your hands!

✅ Most beautiful & sleek personalised water bottles you can give
✅ Contents of 1 litre, so we make sure more water is drunk
✅ Get your order within 5 working days.
✅ Hugely ergonomic with a handy flip-top drinking spout + easy to carry everywhere
✅ Sharp price. Most advantageous on the market. Free shipping

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NumbersPriceDiscount in %
25 units€ 9,950%
50 units€ 8,9510%
75 units€ 7,9520%
100 units€ 6,9530%
125 units 6,4535%
150 units€ 6,2537%
175 units€ 6,0539%
200 pieces€ 5,8541%
225 units€ 5,6543%
250 units€ 5,4545%

* Prices do not include VAT

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