NVWA registration

If you do not already have an NVWA registration number, you need to register with the NVWA as a food/supplements trading company.
First, you need to create an account for e-recognition via:
Home | eRecognition
This registration allows you to register with the NVWA as a food/food supplement trading company.
A detailed roadmap for this can be found under: eRecognition | About the NVWA | NVWA. Reliability level EH2 + is required to do digital business with the NVWA.

The eRecognition application may take a few days. Once received, it can be used for registration for NVWA via the link below:
Proceed to "Form Food Registration" and then "Application form for entrepreneurs".

Good luck with registration, once you have all the information available (including NVWA registration) we would love to hear from you.

Should you not quite figure something out or have questions about certain things, do not hesitate to contact us contact include.