White or Private Label

Standard range

White Label

Supsuppliers' standard range includes a wide range of powdered food, dietary supplements and tablets/capsules products. These products can be purchased from low MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) onwards. So you can market a wide range at a low investment. No changes can be made to the products (compositions and contents). Products have already been produced and packaged and are delivered from stock.

Customised product

Private labelling

Would you prefer a customised product? Of course you can. You can put your product together until it suits your needs. You can differentiate in composition, ingredients, flavours, packaging, etc. A custom-made product is only possible from an MOQ of 250 kg per product per flavour. You must take a large investment into account.

The choice is yours

white or private label

You will find both options explained below with advantages and disadvantages. On this basis, you can make the choice that suits your needs.

DescriptionWhite LabelPrivate label
Unique product
MOQ per product/flavourLow take-up250kg
Investment amountLowHigh
Product rangeWideBy product
Delivery time (when labels are ready)5 working days4-6 weeks
Shelf lifemin 6 months12-18 months

Want to know how many products you will receive combined with the MOQ? Then use the calculator; found here.