Other information

Delivery times

Supsuppliers aims to dispatch your order within 5 working days. However, this applies only after labels are in Supsuppliers' possession. If products are not in stock, you will be informed about this

Transport & shipping

Supsuppliers uses the following options regarding shipping or transport.

1. Dispatch by PostNL.
Supsuppliers ships small orders via PostNL. You will receive a track & trace in your mail and can thus follow your order. If you do not accept your order, it will be returned to you. New shipping costs will be charged.

2. Transport
Larger orders are dispatched using a transport company. A delivery day is agreed and transport is scheduled. The courier will contact you by telephone 30 minutes before arrival.

3. Collection
You can collect the products yourself or have them collected by appointment.

Packing slips

Each shipment will show on a packing slip what is being delivered. You will also need to sign this packing slip (does not apply to PostNL). Keep your packing note in your records.