Besides content, appearance is also important. A sleek label and beautiful website is a must!

Design in general

Once you have decided which products to include in your range, label design is the next step. The products should be labelled with all the necessary legal information. There are strict requirements for this.

As the trademark owner, you are responsible for the information on the label at all times.

Supsuppliers design

Supsuppliers can provide you with label design as a customer. Supsuppliers has in-house designers who specialise in this industry. They know the requirements for both the appearance of the design (layout) and the obligatory information that has to be stated. Supsuppliers offers the following options. Supsuppliers offers the following options with the corresponding prices.

Submit your own design

Would you like to create your own design? Of course you can! Information will be sent to you to make this happen.